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# Название песни Битрейт Время
1 Христина Соловій - Любий друг 320 04:00
2 Христина Соловій - Океан 256 03:53
3 Христина Соловій - Хвиля 256 04:07
4 Христина Соловій - Стежечка 320 04:31
5 Христина Соловій - Шкідлива звичка 256 04:21
6 Христина Соловій - Оченька мої чорні 256 04:07
7 Христина Соловій - Fortepiano 320 04:00
8 Христина Соловій - Про весну 256 04:38
9 Христина Соловій - Хто, як не ти? 192 04:46
10 Христина Соловій - Поки любиш 320 04:57



2019-02-15 04:03:49 | Профиль
Give me your code Because I no longer have a note to you. Do you see the turn? Are you still waiting for rewards? You can now give away everything that is And leave only what yours is. It is possible to turn a little bit not there But you need to go anywhere ... We need to do this so everyone has to go ... We need to go further ... Chorus (2): We would be able to fall into the sky, Be able to give a hand to those who did not have time. We would not forget who we are. We need to learn how to be human beings. We need to learn how to be human beings. We need that ... Well, explain! People can sing alien songs? How much strength and what are their souls ... He raised his eyes and carried them Your faith in dirty wings. In simple words - something important. People were all so beautiful. And they seemed to be happy ... They seemed to them.